With some exciting contests and
some lucky winners, Mahindra Blues
Festival 2013 took the Blues
experience to the next level!

Blue T Shirt

They love Blues music, so we challenged them to a quiz. We gave them some questions, and they tweeted in the answers! In a race to be the first one to tweet the right answer, here are those Bluesfans who won the quiz!


Blue T Shirt

Mahindra Blues Festival 2013 saw fans having a lot of fun watching some of the world's best in Blues music. Here are the winners of the Blues Photo of the Day Contest, who tweeted the best pictures from the Festival to us! 

Winner name
Blue T Shirt

This year, Mahindra Blues Festival wanted its official T-shirts to be designed by one a true Bluesfan. Enter Amit Mithkar, who created a design that celebrates the legacy of the Blues genre. Amit calls his design an "illustrative timeline of the Blues". 

Concept Note:
"From Hart Wand to BB King, from 1912 to present day. From Dallas to the Mahindra Blues Festival, It has been a journey where the pain has turned to love And this festival is about that celebration." - Amit Mithkar 

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